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Voice call

Mobile phone communication has rapidly evolved from direct, real-time voice interaction to a suite of non-voice and indirect means of wireless communication, including Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS) and Instant Messaging (IM). However, many people are not comfortable with these methods and prefer to use their handsets only for direct, spoken communication. A new feature, Voice SMS, fills the gap between voice and indirect/non-voice communication by combining today’s newest indirect interaction with the advantages of speech. Rather than being a by-product of not being able to communicate directly, Voice Call adds a new dimension to mobile phone communications.

Features of Voice Call Route:

• Your own log-in panel.
• Delivery Reports.
• No delivery on DND numbers.
• Option of phone book uploading in .CSV and .txt format.
• Option for saving your sender’s list.
• Group wise phone book.
• Uploading & Save Audio File.
• 30 Seconds Voice Clip/Pulse