Transactional SMS Services
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Transactional SMS Services

Transactional SMS route is used to send informative SMS to Customer who have Opted to receive the said information. The category of Transactional SMS is specially introduced by TRAI to cut down the unsolicited communication; hence it is direct and quality interaction between business and targeted customer base. Since the messages sent under this category are informative, so our team of experts ensure that there is no error in the content of SMS. These SMSs are generally used by Banks, retail stores and live events etc. to update the targeted users about any sort of transaction. The transactional SMS can be send through easy to operate Control Panel or you can integrate the API for sending the Bulk Transactional SMS Our professional team will be hand to guide and support you at all times.

Features of Promotional Bulk SMS Route:

Delivery: - Non-DND & DND Numbers.
Sender ID: - Yes. (Unlimited)
Sender ID Should Contain 6 Pure Alphabets Only. E.g. VM-GEOSMS
SMS Sending Time: - 24 Hrs.
Open Template Account But Documents Required For Service Activation (Undertaking For NDNC)
SMS Matters Will Be Informational Only. .