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Miss Call Service

Missed Call alert number service is a simple process wherein your customers give missed call, and your company representative will call back on their mobile number as per comfortable. Missed Call alert service is also known as missed call back service in India. Missed Call Alert Service is very beneficial as it creates a good impression on your targeted audience wherein they can give a missed call & connect with your business without spending a single penny. Our Missed call alert service is web based missed call solution, So when caller gives a call on Missed Call number, our missed call system records all the necessary details and disconnects the call.

Missed Calls Benefits:

1. Missed call is free .Your end customer is not charged for the missed call with zero cost involved for end customers so more response for all your marketing campaigns.
2. The service is user-friendly as it is based on dialling and not typing.
3. It is easy to know the status of missed call instantly as against SMS whose delivery report may take some time to display.
4. Missed calls services can be used by mobile users and also landline owners.
5. It is quick as compared to SMS.
6. Being an interactive medium, it is capable of bringing phenomenal results.
7. Going for an online-voting, opinion-poll-campaign, consumer-survey & coupon-delivery etc
8. Get feedback from your customers at the point of sale, product-rating, chat-support-rating etc

Salient Features of Missed Calls:

1. Online dashboard with detailed missed call reports can be fetched from your account.
2. API Hook Available
3. Premium number for miscall will be additionally charged
4. 1 lac miscall limit per year
5. Set Auto SMS Action (SMS Charge will applicable additional)
6. Powerful APIís for getting Real Time Dataís
7. If customization required as per your requirements then charged will applicable additional
8. Dedicated number will be provided to get missed calls from customers.
9. 3 month to 1 year validity.
10. Missed Call can be given 24◊7.